Reckon Accounts Enterprise

Reckon Accounts Enterprise

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Reckon Accounts Enterprise

The premium Enterprise business solution that is the pinnacle of the Reckon Accounts range. It offers the best of Reckon Accounts Premier plus the following:

  • Advanced reporting features
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Multi-user - up to 30 simultaneous users
  • Industry specific editions
  • Multi-company reporting
  • Remote company file access enabled

QuickBooks Enterprise



Reckon Accounts Enterprise provides a functionally-rich, scalable accounting package with comprehensive support that is tailored to meet the unique needs of medium and larger businesses.

  • 1 user to 30 simultaneous users
  • Remote company file access enabled
  • Integrated Reckon GovConnect BAS online lodgement
  • Integration with SuperLink interface for superior superannuation management
  • Integration with Reckon Point of Sale software
  • Integration with a number of popular 3rd party software partners
  • Integration with Microsoft Office suite including Outlook
  • Increased list sizes allowing up to 1 million list lengths (inventory, customers & suppliers combined)

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Company Snapshot Tool

Customisable fields and graphs allow you to design a ‘snapshot’ that presents the most significant information that impacts your business decisions. Customise and print snapshots, drill down into transactions, set up permission access, and perform tasks. The snapshot is divided in 3 sections: company, payments and customers.


The company snapshot includes Income and Expense graph, Previous Year Expense Comparison, Accounts Balances and 9 other indicators to centralise all the important information.


Get a quick view of all the payment status. Find out which customers owe you money, access payments reminders, see recent transactions, receive payments and much more.


The consolidated view of a particular customer's purchase history, average payment period and any outstanding money owed on one screen will help you make better business decisions.

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Customer and Supplier Centres

Customer Centre

The Customer Centre allows you to complete entire workflows from the one location. From this centre, you can create, manage or monitor:

  • Estimates and Invoices
  • Payments received and deposits
  • Sales Orders and receipts
  • Finance Charges
  • Statements
  • Refunds & Adjustments
  • Customer Registers, Transactions, contact and billing information
  • Job Lists

Supplier centre

The Supplier Centre displays information about all of your suppliers and their transactions in a single place. From this centre, you can:

  • Add, edit and print supplier details
  • Add transactions to suppliers and print transaction list
  • Create supplier-related forms including remittance advices and purchase orders
  • Pay Bills

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Report Centre

Reckon Accounts Enterprise users have more than 200 reports and graphs at their disposal. Each is designed to simplify a wide range of business and compliance activities as well as making it easier to work with your accountant.

  • Reports can be drilled into and identified with just a few clicks
  • All reports can be modified, filtered and memorised to suit individual company preferences
  • Financial Statement Designer built in allowing 20 customisable layout styles plus alerts
  • Industry-specific reports including: contractors, retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers etc
  • Pre built reports including: job costs, profit and loss, estimates, unpaid bills, and item profitability etc
  • Head office and multi location reports to access data from subsidiaries, divisions or branches
  • Multiple Company Reporting available automatically without opening multiple company files
  • The Reckon Accounts Reports Learning Centre provides step-by-step instructions

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Online Banking

Transactions can be downloaded from your financial institution directly into Reckon Accounts. This saves time and effort while improving security and eliminates the errors often associated with manual data entry.

  • Easily review electronic bank statements and check account balances
  • Identify cleared cheques, add transactions and transfer money between online accounts
  • Import Bank statements, the software compares it to the transactions already in Reckon Accounts and highlights any discrepancies making it easy when reconciling
  • Passwords can be set with high-level encryption to help protect your financial details
  • Secure online transaction processing
  • Online banking, also referred to as online account access may vary by financial institution. Check with your institution to see which services it provides

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Payroll & Employee Centre

The Payroll function lets you keep track of all your payroll information in one place. From here you can perform all payroll tasks, drill down to previous payroll transactions, enter time, create and edit pays, schedule pay runs and access Reckon Tools SuperLink


  • Print or email employee information including pay slips, superannuation etc
  • Super details window within the Payroll function now handles SuperChoice, record and calculate super for multiple super funds for a single employee
  • Full range of deductions can be applied to each employee, with the ability to set certain limits where necessary
  • Employee groups can be created within Payroll schedules
  • Access terminated employee information
  • Safely edit an existing pay cheque without modifying the tax amounts, wage base, total gross pay or net pay
  • Lock Net Pay option allows editing an existing pay cheque, you can make changes to payroll items, sick and holiday accrual, without recalculating the entire pay cheque

Employee Centre

  • Record detailed employee information including leave, wages, promotions and contacts
  • Access employee tasks, such as timesheets and payment summaries

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Reckon Accounts Enterprise allows easy entry, tracking and reconciliation of all your inventory movements and costs.

Manufacturer's Part Number (MPN)

  • Add a Manufacturer's Part Number to an item

Build Assemblies

  • Create a Bill of Materials (BOMs) to track the costs and inventory for assembled products
  • Include both material and non-material costs - such as labour costs and overheads
  • As you build finished goods, Reckon Accounts automatically deducts component items from your inventory
  • Determine how many finished goods you can build based on your current inventory
  • Alerts let you know when it's time to reorder, or when there aren't enough components for an assembly
  • Units of Measure

    Reckon Accounts Enterprise allows you to track items in different units of measure. Just set your base unit of measure and your purchase units can be automatically converted into different inventory and sales units of measure.

  • Base units of items are used to count inventory, generate most inventory reports, and perform quantity-related calculations
  • Display quantities of the same item in different measurements
  • Create default unit of measure

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Job Costing

  • Benefit from reports including profitability summaries to document amount earned or lost on individual projects and jobs
  • Analyse the accuracy of estimates for job, item costs and revenues
  • Track how much time is spent on a particular job, each aspect of that job and which employee or contractor has worked on it
  • Monitor vehicle expenses by distances traveled by job and by vehicle

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Manage and record transactions in many currencies:

  • Fix foreign prices for items, or enter prices in your home currency and have Reckon Accounts calculate the foreign price
  • Taxes can be added to a foreign customer
  • Hotkeys can be assigned to the currencies you use most often
  • Exchange rates can be altered as needed
  • Inbuilt currency calculator can do simple and quick conversion
  • Assign a currency type to customers or suppliers

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Advanced Security

With larger businesses in mind, Reckon Accounts Enterprise manages users based on their specific roles within the organisation.

  • Restrict access to areas based on defined roles appropriate to each staff member
  • Reckon Accounts Enterprise offers 14 predefined roles, for example: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales, Purchasing, etc.
  • Roles can be created, modified and customised
  • Roles can be assigned to multiple users and single users can be assigned multiple roles
  • Detailed tasks can be assigned within each role. For example, the Banking role in Reckon Accounts gives full access to cheques, credit card charges, deposits, and online banking

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Reckon GovConnect

Lodge your BAS online directly from Reckon Accounts using Reckon GovConnect, SBR™ enabled software. Benefit from:

  • Real-time validation and estimate of BAS obligation or refund
  • Pre-filled forms
  • Forms configured to meet your requirements to save you time
  • Easy access to outstanding and historical submissions
  • One single sign in using AUSkey, register for AUSkey

SBR™ and Standard Business Reporting are trademarks owned by the Commonwealth of Australia

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New features in Reckon Accounts Enterprise

Customer Snapshot tool

Quickly get an overview of your customers using the Customer Snapshot tool. The consolidated view of your customers purchasing history, average payment period and any outstanding money owed on one screen will help you make better business decisions.

Credit alerts

Gain control of your accounts payable and avoid overpaying by using the new credit alerts. You will easily be reminded of any credits owed.

GST Calculation

Easily switch between either gross or net amounts when entering journal entries. This new feature will save you, your accountant or bookkeeper time and help ensure accounts are accurate.

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