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Reckon Accounts Personal Plus

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Reckon Accounts Personal Plus

In line with Reckon's aim to rebadge all of its products under the Reckon logo, Quicken Personal Plus has been released as Reckon Accounts Personal Plus.

Reckon Accounts Personal Plus

Managing Personal Finances

Manage your finances

Always have an accurate snapshot of your personal financial health. Track bank accounts, credit cards, income and expenses. You can also schedule bills and other recurring transactions, such as direct debits and salary payments.

Manage loans

Easily manage home, car, personal, interest-only and other loans. See how much principal and interest you have paid off and simulate extra payments to see the impact on balance and term of your loan.

Prepare for tax time

Great tax features ease the pain of tax time. Items can be automatically categorised in line with ATO ‘Tax Pack’ questions to help you prepare your tax returns.

Plan for the future

Use the budgeting tools to help you save and plan for the future. Create realistic budgets based on previous years’ figures and undertake ‘scenario analysis’. For example, see what happens to your savings if you reduce spending on eating out.

Savings Planner

Helps to plan your savings goals and track actual savings. Enter expected and actual expenditure for each category to see if you have met your saving goals over a set period. Smart calculators help manage budgets, credit card and more.

Home Inventory Manager

An organised record of your possessions. Scan and save receipts, warranties, photos, etc for easy retrieval if needed for insurance or other claims. Simplify estate planning by nominating beneficiaries for each item.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

See how your activities impact the environment with your personal carbon footprint calculator.

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Managing Investments

Maximise your investments

Monitor all of your personal and business investments, including share ownership, term deposits and superannuation. See how each investment fits into your overall financial plan, and easily compare investments against each other.

Keep a close eye on the Stock Market

Download share prices daily from the ASX and NZX to stay up-to-date with the performance of your portfolio.^

E*TRADE Integration

Trade online or utilise margin lending through ANZ, and download your portfolio and trading history into Home & Business with E*TRADE Add-on^^.

Advanced market analysis

HUBB Investor is included to give you access to feature rich stock market analysis tools. Combining technical and fundamental analysis tools, you can recognise short and long term investment opportunities.^^^

Property investment analyses

Analyse property financing, expenses, income and uplift factors to help you make more informed property investment decisions.

^The ASX share download service is available for two years from date of software activation and is delivered via an arrangement between Reckon Ltd and the Australian Stock Exchange Limited, and Reckon Ltd and the NZX Ltd. If this service is discontinued then downloading portfolio details and trade details will no longer be possible. For annual licences, the ASX share download service is available for one year from date of software activation.

^^The Reckon Add-on E*TRADE service is provided solely by E*TRADE Australia Securities Limited (E*TRADE) ACN 078 174 973, AFSL No.238277, an ASX and CHI-X Australia market participant, an ASX Clear participant and an ASX Settlement participant, under a referral agreement between E*TRADE Australia and Reckon Investment Centre Ltd.

^^^ The Reckon Add-on HUBB Investor software is made available via an arrangement between Reckon Ltd and HUBB Financial Group (HUBB). HUBB Investor is provided and supported by HUBB. Use of this service is subject to HUBB’s end-user licencing agreement.

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New Features for 2015

Tax line items and personal income threshold

Tax features are now included to allow you to estimate your taxable income for a particular financial year. The personal income thresholds has also been updated for the 2013/2014 and 2014/15 financial years.

Tax line items have been updated for the 2014/15 financial year to conform with the ATO. Income tracking, tax related expenses as well as Income Tax Summary report have also been updated to reflect the changes.

Capital Gains Calculations and Medicare Levy

The Capital Gains Calculations and Medicare Levy have been updated according to the changes of the 2014 Federal Budget. The Medicare Levy has been increased from 1.5 to 2.0 percent.

HUBB Investor

An updated version of Hubb Investor is available with Reckon Accounts Personal range 2015. The HUBB Investor is a powerful investor tool, giving you access to data, charts and indicator

s on twelve markets, daily market updates and company health checks.

Reckon Elite Rental Professional

An updated version of Elite Rental Professional has been included in this release. Some of the main ways this application has been updated are as follows:

  • Updated Taxes and Duties;
  • Updated Medicare levy surcharge calculation;
  • Updated help file content in line with changes to the application;
  • Enhanced printing of Add Back Non-Cash Items in the Profit & Loss (1st Year - Full year) preview;
  • Enhanced lowercase entry of unlock codes;
  • Enhanced data entry inputs and use of backspace in a number of fields on the Options screen;
  • Enhanced Check for Update feature. It will now include auto update of the Tax rates file;
  • Modified update process so that when a future software update is downloaded, you will be prompted to install the updates after restarting Rental.

Stock Price Quotes Download

The Download Quotes functionality in the Investing Centre which provides stock price quotes for your security portfolio has been enhanced and moved to a new technology platform. You will continue to receive the share price downloads if you upgrade to Reckon Accounts Personal range 2015.

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